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When a wannabe showgirl accidently witnesses the murder of a gang member, she becomes the prime witness. Avoiding the gang members who want to silence her, she rushes to the police station and tells her story.

Realising how valuable the showgirl (Deloris) is to solving the case and convicting the perpetrator, The police realise they must hide her where the gang can't find her. So, Deloris is taken to a nunnery and that's when life in the nunnery totally changes.

Do you want to know what happens next?

Get your tickets to the show and find out!

We are now in The Capitaine Bougainville Theatre at Forum North getting ready to bring this 'Fabulous' show to life

from 8th June - 24 June 2023.

The Who's Who of Sister Act

Deloris Van Cartier - Maria Vaa 
An aspiring disco diva wannabe performer, trying to find both fame and a place in the world with a mega-watt dream of Donna Summer glory. When forced to hide in the convent, she initially refuses to embrace her new lifestyle but learns to embrace it when she works with the choir. Loud-mouthed, and sassy, quick on the quip but ultimately caring - she has no faith in anything or anyone but herself.

Mother Superior - Ringi Smith
An old-school Catholic traditionalist with a spine of steel, a will of iron, an acid tongue, and a hidden heart. The head of the convent, sarcastic and a bit stiff. Firm, but fair and dignified. Extremely protective about keeping her sisters away from the outside world, which puts her in direct opposition to Deloris and her musical teachings.

Eddie Souther - Paul Dickens-Jacobs
The desk chief at the Philadelphia police station and a high school classmate of Deloris who helps get her into hiding. A sweet guy who dreams of being confident, but faces a lot of nerves when under pressure, causing him to sweat profusely. He still yearns for Deloris after all these years, and dreams of being her hero.

Curtis Shank - Dan Collett
A club owner, notorious gangster, and Deloris's boyfriend. Smooth and calculating. Cocky and controlling, always on the verge of violence. A super cool, super confident, super smooth bad guy with soul. He is a tough narcissist with flair, sex appeal, and charisma. He is elegant and dangerous. 

Monsignor O’Hara - James Mulligan-Hill
One of the heads of the convent. A gentle, kind man who is a bored, uninspired preacher. Constantly concerned with financial matters, though soul music surprisingly puts him in a different mood. Strong character actor.

Sister Mary Robert - Maeve Adair
A postulant, abandoned as a baby and raised at the convent, teetering on the decision of whether to take her final vows or leave the convent to re-join the world that intimidates her so. 

TJ - Jackson Terry
Curtis's nephew and one of his thugs. Nifty and mindful of the fact, but constantly in a state of ignorant bliss. He's well-intended, but doesn't always have the brain power to think ahead.

Joey - Campbell Norman
One of Curtis's thugs. Big, burly, and fiercely loyal. He is the heavyset one of the trio. Believes himself to be quite the ladies' man. Wants to please Curtis and be dangerous but isn't quite capable of it.

Pablo - Cody Frost
One of Curtis's thugs. A natural follower who constantly speaks in Spanish. Thinks he's something of a love-God!

Sister Mary Patrick - Theresa Wells
A nun of the convent. Upbeat, fun, filled with love and delight in God, food and friendship. Enjoys every minute of life. A larger-than-life character. Consistently perky, enthusiastic, and easily excitable. 

Sister Mary Lazarus - Cat Green
A nun of the convent and the head of the choir. Older, crabby, snappy and seemingly grumpy.
Tough, out of the Depression Era, full of vinegar and humour, with twice the energy of anyone half her age. She's seen them come and go, and nothing fazes this Sister. She's quick on the wisecracks and always ready to roll up her sleeves and dig in. Rather deadpan and the least welcoming of any of the nuns, but she gets caught up in Deloris's soul music.

Michelle - Chloe Thomsen
One of Deloris's backing singers in Curtis's club. Lippy and always quick with a retort.

Tina - Rana-Antoinette Gagnon
One of Deloris's backing singers in Curtis's club. A little thick and naive.

Rehearsal Photos

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