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A play by Christina Stachurski

12-27 November at The Riverbank Theatre


SATURDAY: 21 August (10am - 4pm)

SUNDAY: 22 August (12 - 4pm)


If you are unable to attend any of these please contact the Production Manager on 021 393 322 to arrange an alternative time. Call-backs, if required, will be held in the afternoon of Sunday 29 August. For the audition you will be asked to read some of the script and demonstrate movements and characterisations.  The parts of the script to be read can be obtained from the production manager ( after 1 August.


Show Dates: Opens Friday 12 November - Closes Saturday 27 November 2021.



ROSIE: is studying for a Certificate in Human Sciences at Northtec. 

SIMON: is Rosie’s boyfriend who works part-time delivering Thai takeaways and is also a student at Northtec.

HENRY: is an undercover detective.


PENELOPE: is Henry’s wife and an upper-class socialite.  

DUANE: is an unemployed refinery worker who has a good body! 

TRACEY: is a mother and Duane’s wife. 


RICK: is an accountant and drug dealer.


PHOEBE: is the owner/manager of "Fifi's." 

The ages ranges are broad but Rosie and Simon will be similar, as will Duane & Tracey and Henry & Penelope & Phoebe.  Rick will probably be a little bit older.

The characters will reflect the composition of the Whangarei community, in which this production of the play is set.


A comedy about sex, drugs, violence, revenge and true love. When Rosie (a student), Tracey (a mother) and Penelope (a credit card maxed-out socialite) secretly sign on for telephone sex training, they don't expect to see their partners turn up at ‘Fifi's', also a massage parlour.

While Simon is innocently delivering extra hot Thai takeaways, Duane has left the missus and wants a spot of "hot stuff". Henry (an undercover detective) is staking out Rick, Fifi's accountant, who is at the centre of an unravelling drug deal, code name Hot Stuff.


First produced in Christchurch by the Riccarton Players in 2000, after it won the Aoraki Festival Play Writing Award in 1996, this is a fast-moving comedy with many disguises and surprises.  

Due to COVID19 restrictions auditions are postponed. A new date will be posted once we are in level one or two. If you have any questions please contact Barbara Trimmer, Production Manager, on 021 393 322.


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WTC-HotStuff-002 Logo.jpg


12 November - 7.30pm

13 November - 7.30pm

18 November - 7.30pm

19 November - 7.30pm

20 November - 7.30pm

25 November - 7.30pm

26 November - 7.30pm

27 November - 7.30pm

Tickets $35.00


$25.00 - 2 Courses

12,13,19,20,26,27 November

Dinner is served at 6.30pm


Slow cooked Chicken Cacciatore:- Tender pieces of chicken cooked in a tasty red sauce consisting of onion, tomato, capsicum, oregano & served with rice. 



Homemade Vegetarian Pizza: - Homemade pizza base with a custom tomato sauce & a choice of either Margarita Pizza or Vegetarian Pizza.



Red Velvet sponge served with vanilla ice cream & drizzled with homemade berry coulis.

Please note:

 If you wish to order the vegetarian option please click on the order note link on the checkout page.

Buy your tickets from Craniums-10 Reyburn House Lane, Whangarei